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Looking out for ...

While I'm present here, I might as well use the worlds largest forum to search for good old friends I have lost contact with! It will probably take forever before I'll find someone this way, but it does not hurt to put a huge sticker here either - just in case!

CSK Bremerhaven
So, if anyone of the GI's, US-Civilians or any other kind of "lifer" (like
 Will Acre, Carol A. Akins, Ann & Ernie (Univac CE), Silvia (Tape Library), Ronald L. Bain, Tom Balderson, Jerry Barbee*, Cathrine Beck, Thomas R. Behl, Lori A. Bell, Betsy Bissett, Louis V. Blasiotti, Nancy E. Bliss, Dennis E. Bowden, Joseph B. Brooks, Daniel C. Burke, Joseph B. Burke, Dennis J. Caudle, Joe Clark*, Sylvia A. Cleckley, Carl Click, Marguerite V. Coe, CPT Conner, Roger D. Creager*, Douglas Dear (Chief CPO), Kathy Dietrich, Harry Douglas, Bernardine L. Evans, John L. Faherty, Mrs. Franchetti, Raymond J. Garrido, Glynn Js. Grace, Dean H. Gray, Terry A. Hardesty, Michael O. Harrell, Sgt. Hoaglin, Eugene Hoover, Jose A. Huertamontoya*, William R. Hutto, Michael F. Ireland, Anthony I. Jones, Mary E. Jones, Lasonya R. Jordan, Kluck, Sam Liles, Ernest Jr. Mc Coy, Marvin E. Meade, Mike Menas, Jim Merrit, Karl W. Metsch*, William W. Morris, Daniel L. Moyer*, Gene Nittinger, Hector Ortiz, Edelgard Patterson, Ervin Pettaway, Herbert Pittman, Ramon Prieto, Rudi Procter, John H. Rollins, CPT Rosado, Jimmy Roth, Ava M. Savion, Robert L. Shanahan, Ronald Skouge, Hank J. Slavico, Carolyn A. Smill, Francis T. Smith, Sheila A. Smith, Boby Smith, Judith M. Stalcup, Robert B. Stewart, Glenda A. Suber, Sahra J. Sullivan, Ronald W. Tillett, Kenneth Waldrup, Cynthia K. Walker (Programmer), Rebecca A. (Becky) Westall, Merritt S. Wetzel, Ben Wisenand, Billy Wright, Gregory Zimmerman and many others ...), who have been working with me at the Carl-Schurz-Kaserne's (former "Staging Area") DPI M133 in the years 1968-1993, and, while surfing the net, is ever stumbling across these pages - please contact me! I'd be more than pleased to hear from you!
Just take a look at the GALLERY and see if you recognize some of the old folks!

* persons who have responded so far! :)

Also, I'd like to hear from
 FORMER STUDENTS, who have been travelling around the world for nine month (03 October 1966 until 01 July 1967) on the "MS RYNDAM" , the "FLOATING UNIVERSITY". These trips were organized by theCHAPMAN COLLEGE, ORANGE COUNTY, CALIFORNIA. All those charming teen's -back in 1966/67- should now be in their late fourties and, I suppose, be well established. So if you, Judy Lopez, Randy, green-eyed Kathy, Stephanie and so many other ever read this, make sure to drop me a line or two.

Klick HERE for pictures of students, crewmembers and the Floating University 1966/67!


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